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computer desktop maintenance


An important part of any IT system is the desktop computers, absolutely necessary for processing informations that are specific to each company, and their reliability depends, in most cases, the very success of the company concerned.

If the functionality of the desktop computers can provide the path to success, the failure or the corruption of data stored in the critical computers (accounting department, finance department, marketing department, etc.) can sometimes lead to very unpleasant situations or even disastrous.

For this reason the administration of office computers involves a double responsibility meaning that we have to  train and buy the appropriate technical equipment. Superficial approaches like "I understand the problem, we will reinstall everything," or "if the computer stuck again give him a restart" do not give us the  opportunity to discover principal causes for this problems, and certainly sooner or later, will lead us to unpleasant situations and sometimes, without exit.

To manage desktop computers Luconsult Team is prepared to offer a comprehensive assistance that can be structure in two categories:  software management and hardware management.

Software management includes a wide range of operations, starting with the routine one: installation, configuration and maintenance of the operating system, various applications, peripheral devices of any kind, backup your data stored in desktop computers where appropriate etc., and ending with the removal of software disfunctionality, that require us  full competence: restore the operating system, applications and data stored on the computers affected by various accidental causes (unpredictable hardware error, power failures, etc.).

Hardware management in particular aims to eliminate the causes that lead to degradation of computer performance or even destroy the components that are included in the structure of desktop computers.

IT administration services


IT outsourcing

  • reduced and deductible costs
  • monthly supervision of the equipments
  • rapid intervention in emergency cases, (between 2 (two) and 4 (four) hours from de moment of problems' notification)
  • unlimited number of interventions
  • a monthly revision
  • users' training at no charge
  • consultancy services at no charge
  • unlimited agreed period without implying any cancellation value/fee
  • you can always know the numbers of interventions and the problems that we solved by reading our logs