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networking management infrastructure


Administration of the networking infrastructure aims mainly to ensure a smooth communication without errors, between the equipments that are physical interconnected.
The series of the necessary operations start with a simply monitoring of the progress of aging of the mechanical elements of the network (cable, connect staff, etc.) and ending with the detection, configuration and replacement of moraly used or defective ecquipements : modem links, switches or simple management routers, etc.

IT administration services


IT outsourcing

  • reduced and deductible costs
  • monthly supervision of the equipments
  • rapid intervention in emergency cases, (between 2 (two) and 4 (four) hours from de moment of problems' notification)
  • unlimited number of interventions
  • a monthly revision
  • users' training at no charge
  • consultancy services at no charge
  • unlimited agreed period without implying any cancellation value/fee
  • you can always know the numbers of interventions and the problems that we solved by reading our logs