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Server equipments are almost always the most important component of a informatical system and therefore require a rigorous management , professional skill and excellent technique equipments.Instead, the approach of those problems with shallowness, or with insufficient  technical trained staff, almost always leads to the transformation of server equipments in the weak link of the system and may generate  the toughest effects, such as: access by unwanted people  to confidential information, the loss of information, the temporary cessation of activities due to the lack of a planned solution to prevent unexpected situations, etc.

Luconsult Team has specialized in the management of server equipments  based on Linux and Windows platforms, always confirming the expectations of the companies from our portfolio .

Suite of services that may be offered by the server equipment is very extensive and therefore we mention only the most common:

- NETWORK SERVER - provides the access to the Internet for each network computer
- FIREWALL - provides the network protection against any attacks that may come from the Internet

- ACTIVE DIRECTORY / DOMAIN CONTROLLER - provides centralized access to a set of network resources (applications, printers, etc.). And also are created and assigned rights and permissions for users
- PROXY SERVER - forwards the web requests of a workstation, providing traffic security, administrative control and cache service

- FILE SERVER - is known for its safe and easy way to use it.We recommend it for the administration of the documents throughout the network
 - BACKUP FILE SERVER - make a backup copy of the important documents

- MAIL si WEBMAIL SERVER -  ensure corporate type mail addresses( for all employees of the company.The mail server can be set, optional, so you can accessed from anywhere in the world, through a Web-type applications named WebMail.
- SPAM ASSASIN - a special application for substantial reduction in the number of unwanted messages
-  MAIL BACKUP - ensure a permanent copy of all messages received on the mail server

- WEB SERVER - hosts the company site.The site is protected through the firewall against the outside attacks. 

- VPN (Virtual Private Network) - for remote access to network resources in a secure environment.

- DNS - name server that provides the recognition of the company domain (or domains if necessary) through the Internet
- DHCP - facilitates the functioning of the computers in the network, by the dynamic allocation of the configuring elements through the network (IP address, DNS server, gateway etc.) 
- FTP - provides the Internet quick transfer service of large quantities of data.

IT administration services


IT outsourcing

  • reduced and deductible costs
  • monthly supervision of the equipments
  • rapid intervention in emergency cases, (between 2 (two) and 4 (four) hours from de moment of problems' notification)
  • unlimited number of interventions
  • a monthly revision
  • users' training at no charge
  • consultancy services at no charge
  • unlimited agreed period without implying any cancellation value/fee
  • you can always know the numbers of interventions and the problems that we solved by reading our logs